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Bercaw Neuropsychology is an expert consultation service provided by Dr. Edwin Bercaw, a Florida-licensed, board-certified neuropsychologist with over 12 years of experience evaluating adults with a variety of medical or psychological issues.

The primary aims of Bercaw Neuropsychology are compassionate patient care, concise—yet thoughtful analysis and accurate reports, with personal follow-up when needed to address ongoing questions or patient needs.

What is a Neuropsych Evaluation?

A neuropsychological evaluation uses various assessment techniques for the purpose of better understanding memory, thinking, emotions, and behavior.  This is a process that includes giving standardized tests, each "normed" using a sample from the general population, so we can see how well a person's scores compare to what is expected for that person's age.  But more than just giving a few memory tests, the neuropsychologist allows the patient to discuss his or her concerns and asks questions about background and health, reviews records, and will try to understand that person's capabilities and limitations in daily life.  The testing covers a wide range of cognitive abilities, including attention, processing speed, memory, language, visual reasoning, and sensory-motor skills.  Assessment of mood, anxiety, pain, trauma, substance use, and other potential psychological issues is also important to the evaluation.  All of these data are then interpreted by the neuropsychologist to help both the patient and provider find the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Types of Evaluations

Dr. Bercaw accepts referrals from doctors, therapists, or case managers to provide cognitive and/or psychological assessments of their patients.  Self-referrals are also accepted.  These evaluations can reveal patterns of strengths and weakness that, when interpreted within the clinical history, can help clarify diagnosis or rule out competing explanations.  Although there are a variety of reasons to have a neuropsychological evaluation, Dr. Bercaw specializes in the following types:

Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Cognitive and psychological evaluation for other medical and psychiatric conditions

Pre-surgical evaluations

FAA pilot and Air Traffic Controller psychological / neuropsychological evaluations

Workers’ compensation


Compulsory medical evaluation / independent medical evaluation (CME/IME)

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