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Dr. Bercaw accepts referrals from doctors, therapists, or case managers to provide cognitive and/or psychological assessments of their patients.  These evaluations can reveal patterns of strengths and weakness that, when interpreted within the clinical history, can help clarify diagnosis or rule out competing explanations.  Although there are a variety of reasons to have a neuropsychological evaluation, Dr. Bercaw specializes in the following types:


A change in mental functioning or behavior with older age raises the possibility of dementia.  Dr. Bercaw seeks to determine if there is mild cognitive impairment or if there is dementia secondary to a neurodegenerative illness...cont

Pre-surgical evaluations

Psychological evaluation is often required as a part of determining candidacy for a surgical procedure such as a spinal cord stimulator for chronic pain management or bariatric surgery.  The purpose is to determine any psychiatric...cont


Dr. Bercaw has evaluated school and government employees, and healthcare workers, to offer an opinion on psychological fitness-for-duty.  He is planning to expand this role into police officer evaluations.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

It can be difficult to know when a concussion is the reason why thinking, emotions, or behavior seem different even months after an injury.  Evaluation by Dr. Bercaw can help determine if there are persisting effects due to brain injury of...cont

FAA Pilot Neuropsychological Evaluations

Dr. Bercaw is a CogScreen provider with HIMS training and actively maintains his specialty training in aeromedical neuropsychology.  He provides the...cont 


Dr. Bercaw accepts the role of independent forensic evaluator and provides expert opinion in legal matters for personal injury cases, capacity/competency...

Other medical & Psychiatric conditions

There are a variety of medical conditions that can be associated with cognitive problems that may go undiagnosed or at least poorly assessed.  It may be important for treating doctors to know when...cont


Injured workers may require evaluation and treatment, which is integral to their case management and getting them back to work.  Case managers and insurance adjusters are welcome to arrange neuropsychological...cont